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Title: Herreshoff Museum Selling 1 S-Boat and 3 Buzzard's Bay Boy Boats
Post by: Charles Barclay on November 02, 2019, 02:36:22 PM
For those interested, the Museum wants to sell S-Boat Spray (#913, 1924) with original spars and aluminum mast for $8,000.  It is in need of restoration and has been at the Museum out of the water for more than a decade. 

They are also selling three H 12 1/2s:

Canouan 1938-1940, described in Fair Condition, last sailed in 2016, $7,500

Nina #986, 1925, Fair Condition, $10,000

Hurrah ca 1930, restored by IYRS in 2009, sailed every year since, $25,000.

If you would like more information, contact Bill Lynn at the Museum or private message me and I'll send you the museum's email offering these boats.

As a reminder, Fall is a beautiful time to pick up a boat, you save the owner's storage and get a chance to refresh items on a boat without a full restoration and sail it the following season.  Nina and Canouan above look like they could use some attention that could be handled over the winter whereas Spray needs quite a bit more attention/restoration before hitting the water again.