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We acquired a Herreshoff 12-1/2 in 2001. It did not have a builder's plate and the hull number was unknown. Since our intent was to re-name her to the original and ensure she was configured authentically, it was important to determine her hull number. We decided that, since there were only 364 boats built, they could all be tracked down and we could determine our own hull number by process of elimination. At the time we had no idea how foolhardy a mission that was. We eventually discovered our hull number, and in the process the Herreshoff 12-1/2 Footer Regsistry was developed.

The first version was published in 2004, and a whitepaper version of it was published in 2005 in the Proceedings of the first Classic Yacht Symposium. It continues to be improved and updated. It not only documents the status of the boats, but also documents the changes to construction techniques made over the years. A searchable online database was added in 2006. We expanded the documentation effort to include all of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company sailing vessels in early 2008, and combined the 2 websites into a single place to go for Herreshoff information in late 2008. In early 2009, we added the 15-Footer Fleet Registry. This document describes the existing fleet, whether the boat was built by HMCo or is newer. It also records fleet ID numbers to facilitate class racing. We also added a catalog with abbreviated entries for each known extant vessel.

The goal is to be the place where someone comes when they want information on a Herreshoff sailing vessel, whether it be because they want to find a boat to buy, because they want the history of their own boat, or because they are just looking for information. The lofty objective is to identify the location and current owner, or the ultimate fate, of all 1100-or-so vessels. Since the mission is to be a functional, useful tool, we continue to add new features to the website that houses this information. We are anxious for feedback and suggestions as to how to make this resource more useful.

Press Coverage

Sailing Magazine
The June 2009 issue of Sailing Magazine has a feature by Susan Maffei Plowden entitled "Saving Grace". It describes the restoration of her 12-1/2, and includes some commentary about the Registry. Click the image on the left.
Wooden Boat
Wooden Boat is the premier publication of the wooden boat enthusiast. Issue 211, Nov/Dec 2009, discusses the Registry in a column entitled "Readers Looking For Boats" on page 22.
Boston Globe
The January 4, 2012 edition of the Boston Globe ran an article, "Boatyard blaze in Woods Hole destroys two vessels" about a fire at the Quissett Harbor Boatyard". The Registry is quoted in the article.

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