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H-28 restoration
« on: December 28, 2015, 01:15:55 AM »
I am seriously considering a Far East built 1963-64 that is in fairly good but neglected condition. I did a survey on this boat about 10 years ago but couldn't purchase it at that time (had another larger boat). I'm now down sizing due to my age (78) and found that this H-28 is available again, for a hope a good price.
I have owned and/or built a number of boats over my 60 some years of boating. Most were wood and the last two were fiberglass. Having built both carvel and plywood/glass boat I'm not afraid of the usual problems related to that type of construction.
Double diagonal planking yet another method that I have both respect and concern with. I recently had a 54' Huckins that was double/diagonal planked and it had nothing between the planking. Just marine glue.  I mention this because I know this H-28 is double diagonal on inside and horizontal on the outside. When I surveyed it 10 years ago, there was no evidence of problems but she sat another 18 month in dry storage after that. She is in the water now and it is presently difficult to tell much about the exterior condtion below the water line. She's not leaking though.
Just a side Note: I visited the Far East boat yard at about the same time this hull was being built and was, at the time, impressed with the workmanship. One thing I don't remember noting was their double plank bedding method. I was taught the old school method of a layer of canvas bedded on both sides with a "white-lead" compound, which at that time seemed to last for at least 50 years. (I say this because, at the time, I worked on a hull damage repair on a 50 yo double/diagonal planked boat of that age and was surprised at the condition of the canvas and planking.)

So, my question is, does anyone know what is between the Far East built H-28 planking??

I also have another question about any problems with the keel bolts and replacement methods if required.  Pull them or leave them and drill and install in new locations??