Author Topic: US Sailing recognizes Herreshoff S-Boat owner Fred Roy  (Read 1368 times)

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US Sailing recognizes Herreshoff S-Boat owner Fred Roy
« on: February 10, 2020, 07:51:27 PM »
Thursday night, Fred Roy, owner of S-Boat Surprise, and long time Commodore of the Narragansett Bay S-Class Association (,was awarded US Sailingís One Design Award for his tireless work in promoting the Herreshoff S-Class Association. 

As many of you know the S-Class celebrated its 100th Anniversary last year.  The venerable design had 93 HMCo built boats, 7 Lawley built boats, and two built by sailors in US Navy in Pearl Harbor in 1930-31 (Mokihana and Mokulele).  About 50 of the boats are still extant and active with active fleets in Newport, Western Long Island, and Quisset.  The class was contracted and designed in the fall of 1919 with the first boat launching in late winter of 1920. 

I havenít spoken with Fred in several years so it would be interesting to hear his take on what led to the award.  I can say he is enthusiastic about the design and the people who sail them.  He takes great care to return emails promptly, and makes newbies feel at ease.  He is generous with information and makes sure itís not a one-man show, ie he gets others involved. 

Fredís tireless work included Surpriseís rebuild about 30 years ago, a more recent rebuild that took place at Jens Langeís fine shop Baltic Boatworks.  Fred races thew weeknight series through his home club Newport Yacht Club and weekend events.  He brings new people aboard Surprise, and promotes local shipwrights for their work.   I met Fred in 2011 and can well attest to his enthusiastic support of the class.  If you want to know more about the S-Class long time class members Alan and Cory Silken published a book on the class last year that is available through Amazon or Shermanís book stores here in Maine for about $60.   

Congratulations Fred!