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12-1/2 Questions
« on: July 07, 2008, 01:27:28 PM »
These 3 questions are relatd to the 12-1/2.  If anyone has more information, please chime in.

Whatever Happened to Robin?
The first 12 1/2 built was number 744, Robin.  We lost track of her after the ownership of Mrs. Henry Hall in 1941.  We have heard rumors that she was lost in Florida, but this has not been substantiated.  If anyone knows, please reply.

Which Is The Unbuilt Boat?
Hull #1376 is listed in the builder's record as not having been built.  Also noted in the builder's record is the fact that a range of    boats from 1364 - 1378 (including 1376) were not delivered as recorded as there was a mis-communication between the office and the
shop.  Since we know 1376 was in fact built, that means one of the other 15 was not.  And since we have accounted for several of the others of that group, we know that it must be 1364, 1368, 1369, 1370, 1371, or 1377 that was cancelled.  Determining which is the unbuilt contract number is the question.

When did the 12 1/2 Get A Back Rabbet?
The early boats are prone to leaking at the garboards.  This is partially because they were built without a back rabbet.  At some point, HMC switched to building with a back rabbet.  The question is : When did thid switch take place?  We know that it was before hull 1450 or so, and after 1170.