Author Topic: Herreshoff Eagle engine well damage  (Read 35623 times)


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Herreshoff Eagle engine well damage
« on: August 20, 2019, 12:04:17 AM »
Hello everybody,
My grandfather and I are attempting to restore his Herreshoff Eagle. The problem is that 14 years ago he wanted to get a new engine for it that could replace the old merc that he had before. The conversation went, I want the biggest HP engine that will easily fit inside the engine well. The boat mechanic at the local marina bought an engine that did not fit the original engine well. So he proceeded to modify the well by grinding out the sides and cutting the transom down at least 2 inches. After the work was done the boat sank in the first dock of the marina.

Does anybody have any advise or can take pictures of their herreshoff eagle or america engine well with a tape measure so we can build out the walls and transom to the original size. We would need to have the transom height, the engine well length and width.

I can provide some images to help in a couple days.

Any help would really be appreciated!