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Hi Everybody....I'm a Guide at the Museum, have been for eight seasons.
Occasionally, we have Visitors whose relatives were former owners of Herreshoff boats.  Usually, the information they have is anecdotal, with no research value.
But last Fall, a couple came in, with whom I and anther Guide spent some time in the Hall of Boats.  The woman was admiring our H-23 (#1505s - CONTEST).  An offhand remark was made about how nice it would be to sail that which she responded that her father used to own one of them.   Grasping at straws, I asked if it had a centerboard.  She said that it certainly did and that she had spent a lot of time raising and lowering it.  By deduction, she was referring to CRUSADER #1225s.  I did not get her name or the family's, but she did say that her brother is connected with/owns? Boston Boat Works, presently builders of MJM Yachts (powerboats).
Every once in a while, we have a chance to add something pertinent to the provenance of the Herreshoff boats....but I flubbed it this time.   Often, we can punctuate some of the slight information we get from Visitors, for them,  by checking the Herreshoff Registry, or the MIT book, or the Herreshoff Catalogue Raisonne, while they are here.  Perhaps we might develop some incentive for such folks to dig a little home or in their memories.
   Who knows how many opportunities the Guides have missed.  I am putting together a form to use when triggered by these occasions in the future.

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