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Whatever / auxiliary power
« on: February 15, 2018, 11:10:25 PM »
Hi, Does anyone have suggestions for auxiliary power. I have a nice side motor mount but can't afford a Torqeedo. Are there any other battery powered motors that will work with a reasonable battery? I've never had a motor before and would like to avoid a gas outboard if possible.

Thanks, Tom

Adam, Thanks for the reply. The boat is a CCSB Bullseye. I am under the impression that the hull is the same as the wood 12 1/2 and the only difference is the deck and cuddy. The hole in the cuddy and step might have to be modified but it seems like the mast could just as well be wood as aluminum. The aluminum mast is an oval about 2 X 3 1/2 inches. Maybe a wood mast of the same shape and size would be sufficient. I have an 18'6" sloop-rigged Chesapeake crabbing skiff that has about the same sail area as the Bullseye's main and working jib and the mast is 3 1/2 inch diameter at the hounds. It is not stayed at all and has lasted for almost 30 years. Of course the crabbing skiff does not have a 750 lb hunk of lead down there but I have sailed on many a windy day with six adults on board.

I am hoping to find a used aluminum mast somewhere but if that does not pan out I need another option. A new mast would cost more than the boat will ever be worth and I have no intention of racing or using a spinnaker.

I am fixing up an old Bullseye. The boat does not have a mast or boom. I was thinking about making a wooden mast. On the HMM website is a picture of a "Herreshoff Bulls-eye 12 1/2" with a Marconi rig. I suppose the mast was wood. Does anybody have any info on the shape and dimensions of that mast?


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