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Title: Preparing a Herreshoff Eagle for the great loop.
Post by: LeBecq73 on July 15, 2017, 12:00:50 AM

A few questions that someone may know the answers to.  I am restoring a Herreshoff Eagle. After sourcing a parts boat I now have a complete set of spars and all the  rinse hardware I needed. Putting it back together as original is pretty straight forward, but the intended use of the boat requires some modifications. my 75 year old father has decided to complete the great loop on the eagle. He doesn't mind he cramped quarters and likes that he can single hand it easily. The problem is he has requested some creature comforts.

The first problem I need to resolve is tankage. Some parts of the loop have lots of miles between gas. The boat will be powered with a Honda 5hp. The boat will also have a Honda 2000eu genset running at night to charge batteries and power the air conditioner/heater.

It's a tiny boat and while jerry cans would work large tanks would be better.  I have 3 options for gas tankage.

1. Under the Berths. i like this option as it keeps the weight low, but it kills the easily accessible dry storage space.

2. Behind the lazarettes on each side of the engine. Super easy to access, but weight would be aft and high.

3. Cut open he cockpit sole and install 1 tank in the wasted space that sometimes holds an inboard Engine. Weight is low but aft. Boat trim would be affected.

Batteries: refrigeration will require 2 sizable batteries.  Theses could be used to compensate trim

The starboard bunk will have an ac/dc portable cooler type refrigerator. 

I am thinking that some ballast should be removed to compensate for the additional weight being added.

This is the air conditioning unit I plan to install it inside the port lazarette

Am I way off base?

Can this be done?