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Title: Centerboard pin location HA18
Post by: on February 08, 2019, 03:43:35 AM
Does anyone know the location of the centerboard pin in the centerboard trunk in a Herreshoff America ? Is it above or below the floor? Do you have to cut the floor to access the pin for repair?
Appreciate any knowledge/advice
Title: Re: Centerboard pin location HA18
Post by: sailornorm on October 23, 2019, 11:28:36 PM
I have the same question. Also, any idea where to purchase a new centerboard? Mine is all rusted and needs replacing.
From the drawings it appears the centerboard pin is fixed and the board lifts off the pin. Is this easy to do? Any idea how heavy the centerboard is?
Title: Re: Centerboard pin location HA18
Post by: on October 24, 2019, 03:49:45 AM
I fixed my pin. It's located a fairly close to the front of the trunk. Not difficult. Here's a step by step:
1. Disconnect cable
2. Remove centerboard. This is easy and the board weighs about 100 lbs. it has an angled slot which just
slips over the pin. You do need to raise the boat to do this.
3. My board was in pretty good shape but I sanded it down and fibreglassed any bad spots then used epoxy paints to finish it.
4. The pin is accessible from inside the cabin. It's located at about floor level approx 20% aft of the front. You should see a fibreglass bulge where it's been installed. Its awkward and time consuming but I used a Dremel tool to clear away the old fiberglass. The pin came out easily.
5. I cleaned the pin and re fibreglassed it in place using lots of hi strength fibreglass.
6. I didn't do this but would suggest adding fibreglass to the pin from inside the trunk. You'll see it with the board removed and boat raised.

I've seen new boards for sale on various sites if yours is not redeemable.
Good luck