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Title: NY 40 in Hawaii
Post by: Rob Caveney on July 05, 2018, 05:19:23 AM
Does anyone have a current update on the status of "Wizard of Bristol", NY 40 Hull #775, last reported to be undergoing a "complete restoration" in Hawaii? For being such a historic boat, you'd think it would be getting more attention.
Title: Re: NY 40 in Hawaii
Post by: Charles Barclay on November 13, 2018, 09:54:48 PM
Hi Rob,

The boat is for sale on yacht world and has been for about two years. 

The hull is sound, having been rebuilt by Eric Ashford of Port Townsend.  Eric does solid work.  I recall the planks may be edge-glued rather than caulked.  If you look closely at the photo posted on the Forum in October the hull is fairly smooth.  I knew Eric in the 90's and would run into him from time to time in the 2000's.  Neither the owner nor restorer were/are permanent residents and so the work on the Wizard would start and stop. 

The major challenge may be transporting the vessel from Hawaii to the mainland.  This challenge can be overcome. 

Having sailed on the vessel in 1999 or 2000, I can answer some questions as well as put interested parties in touch with the owner's representative.  Wizard's owner also has two significant Alden's in the 50-65' range LOD and would like to place the Wizard in the hands of someone to finish the restoration as he downsizes his fleet. 

PM me or feel free to ask more questions on this thread. 
Title: Re: NY 40 in Hawaii
Post by: Jono on January 14, 2019, 09:07:28 PM
Such a shame to see the asking price for this yacht. It will only allow her to languish in obscurity for many more years. Glad I was able to save one and get her back on the race course where she belongs. Looks like Rugosa is going for around the same figure. When will people realise that old knackered wooden boats are not worth such ridiculous sums.
Title: Re: NY 40 in Hawaii
Post by: Charles Barclay on January 28, 2019, 06:30:22 PM

Thank you for pointing out the similarity in 'asking' prices.  After speaking with the listing broker and reviewing the Yachtworld listing, it is worthwhile noting the asking price of The Wizard of Bristol includes delivery anywhere in the world which addresses the concern addressed in the original post. 

With regard to the rig, Marilee's 2016-17 restoration took the novel approach of building the class original gaff rig, and the following year a racing marconi rig updated by LFH (1936).   One of the photos on the Wizard's yacht world page shows the 30's vintage marconi rig.  Marilee's owner changes rigs based on the perceived advantage for the upcoming season/events. 

With regard to the bulwark, I don't believe the intent for this restoration was to race the boat on the Newport-Antigua-Med circuit.

Are you still actively involved with Chinook? Perhaps you could share insights on your choice of location for restoration, hull shape, and project management.